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also the compressor motor gets warm and that radiates more heat back into the room you are trying to cool.

Assailant where abouts do you sell your skinny teco's? There's a Retravision in my home town that sells Nationwide air conditioners, and yep, they're asking 0.

Hi Guys My nationwide electrical aircon came ive had it for one day. and i cant believe how quiet it is, the rep said 48 d B but it must be about 42 d B i think, i have a portable air con that is 49d B and it is way louder then this.

With the nationwide skinny window air con i dont even need to turn the TV up or anything, it is really surprisingly quiet.

Price includes adjustable window kit like the skinny teco units use, and doesnt require any drilling etc...

completely removable and portable like teco skinny models.

I'd certainly jump at that instead of 00 for a Teco, if the build quality is comparable.

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Ive got it in my bedroom which is 3x4m and gets all the afternoon sun, it has cooled it down from 29 degrees to 21 degrees in about 25 mins and if i turn the air con down a bit more i am sure it will get colder but 21 degrees is too cold for me.

Even though my room is double brick, when the brick warms up my room gets really hot, that and i have 2 big LCD screens on my computer which also throw out some heat, so cooling it down in 25 mins to 21 deg is unbelievable.It offers you the perfect opportunity to check out webcam girls without having to show your credit card.