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22-Nov-2017 15:17

-f "$POUDRIERE_DIR$JAILNAME.pkglist" ]; then printf "No such file (list of packages: $POUDRIERE_DIR$PORTSTREE)\n" exit 3 fi # check that the jail is there poudriere jails -l | grep "^$JAILNAME" /dev/null if [ $?-gt 0 ]; then printf "No such jail ($JAILNAME)\n" exit 4 fi # update the ports tree poudriere ports -u -p $PORTSTREE # build new packages poudriere bulk -f /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/$JAILNAME.pkglist -j $JAILNAME -p $PORTSTREE is turned on, that’s pretty much all there is to it.Apparently the guys behind update.don’t like mirrors for security reasons and are likely to block repeated calls from wget and the like, using a proxy is the recommended method.Nginx is already installed and it does the job just fine.(upstream portmaster maintainer here) Sounds like a portmaster bug there.It runs 'pkg info pkg' to see if pkg is installed, and since it is erroring due to the shared lib then it thinks pkg is not installed and uses the old pkg_*. Since Nginx is already there it will be used as a forward proxy, as opposed to reverse proxy as it’s usually used, to This covers freebsd-update and installing pkg on Free BSD 9. For no good reason, just to do something different, there’s a cron job that runs every day and fetches from it’s changed, so that pkg audit can do it’s job properly.

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Each jail or ports tree is a different zfs filesystem so they can be easily added/removed/restored, etc.

In order to install it, a bare ‘pkg’ is provided which will download the real files from pkgbeta.