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Peries grew up in Dehiwela, on the Western shore of Sri Lanka, looking towards the Laccadive sea. James Francis Peries had studied medicine in Scotland, and his mother Ann Gertrude Winifred Jayasuria was a graduate of St. Photographer Lionel Wendt recommended Harry Pieris as Ivan’s teacher. They included Justin Daraniyagala, George Keyt, Aubrey Collette, George Claessen, WJG Beling, LTP Manjusri, Richard Gabriel, Walter Witharne, and YJ Thuring.

His character at this time was ‘excited and tense, [acting] on the spur of the moment’.

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Their families may be first generation Asian Australians or even multi-generational Asian Australians originating from countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines or India.

In 1946 Peries won a government scholarship to the St John's Wood School of Art in London, to train for a further 4 years.

1955) settled in Southend-on-Sea, with their four children.

Until the last years of his life…[his] paintings had the air of a whim or fancy…All sorts of things stimulated his imagination: color…shapes…mystery, as in the deep forebodings of the sea and the rumblings of a monsoon equally full of awe, as in the painting known as The Return.