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15-Nov-2017 03:03

Nationals of China holding normal passports endorsed for public affairs do not require a visa for a maximum stay of 30 days.

Since June 3, 2016, anyone can apply for an e-visa to Tajikistan.

On the other hand, we have had at least one report of a Chinese traveler being rejected for the e-visa after paying.

All experiences and questions are welcome in this forum post.

Make sure your details are correct when submitting, you cannot submit again without paying first.

At land borders and checkpoints, guards now know what an e-visa or e-gbao permit is.

A double entry visa is the same price as a single entry visa.

Since end of 2016, a new website has been launched where you can apply before picking up your visa at the embassy.

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Refusals So far, no one has been refused entry into Tajikistan or the GBAO area using the e-visa.Hong Kong, Maxau and Taiwan), India, Iran, Pakistan, Senegal and Uzbekistan. Chinese travelers get rejected for the e-visa, but we have also heard of Chinese passport holders being rejected at the embassy in Beijing. If you have a Chinese passport and have gone through the process, please let us know what happened, we are collecting experiences.