Dating while legally separated in ct

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One of the leading cases on this issue is Krafick v.Krafick, a 1995 Connecticut Supreme Court decision.Connecticut has a 90-day waiting period for divorce or legal separation.The 90 days start about two weeks after the papers are served on the defendant by the marshal.Whether a court can order payment of college expenses depends on the date your divorce judgment was entered.Retirement benefits are treated as property subject to division by Connecticut courts.The Connecticut legislature is also likely to address this issue during its next regular session.

In a no-fault divorce, evidence about someone's fault in causing the breakdown of the marriage can be introduced at a trial and may affect the court's orders of alimony, division of property and sometimes custody.

Connecticut courts recognize that it is often more comfortable for divorcing couples to live apart and do not punish people simply for moving out of the marital residence.

The person who moves out is neither abandoning the family nor giving up rights to the home or contents by moving.

However, parents and spouses do have obligations of support which must be considered when couples separate.

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It is possible to financially abandon a spouse or children and that can be alleged as an element of fault in a divorce complaint.

With no-fault divorce, that requirement was abolished.