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But spending a lot of time indoors or working at night can mess up the normal cycle of light and darkness that keeps your circadian rhythm in synch.This is why people suffer from the depression-like symptoms of seasonal affective disorder in winter.The studies found exercising “to be equally effective for treating mild to moderate depression.” In addition, the researchers found that antidepressants and exercise both boost brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a key brain-growth factor. Dress this salad with the herb that beat Prozac in a recent double-blind study: saffron.“Make a homemade dressing with walnut oil, saffron, and turmeric,” says ethnobotanist James A.Economic insanity, escalating job cuts, high divorce rates. .it’s no wonder 6 million men are diagnosed with depression every year.

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An increase of trained therapists has been making EMDR more widely available outside of hospitals and research centers, say experts, and the therapy is used to treat soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression tied to military service.The efficacy of most depression drugs is highly overstated when compared with placebos, except in cases of very severe depression, says Irving Kirsch, Ph D, associate director of the Program in Placebo Studies at Harvard Medical School.This doesn’t mean antidepressants don’t work at all; it just means they don’t work nearly as well as doctors thought for the garden-variety, episodic blues that affect most men.Around since the 1960s, CBT has recently gained favor after studies proved it can be as effective as drug therapy.

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Computerized cognitive behavioral therapy (a new version of CBT) is powered by computers and artificial intelligence; patients answer a list of questions to help rewire their depressive thinking.It has long been known that the mind can influence parts of the body, so what about the reverse?

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