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For example, the words “marry”, “marriage”, “married”, and “marrying” are all related, so stemming them to “marri” allows an analyst to find related phrases and concepts.I then ran the questions through a tokenizer, which transforms the words within each question into a numerical representation of the word, creating a vector out of each question that consists of points in space that represent each term within the text.How can I deal with sources of pressure and distress over my singleness?Older YSAs, say 27-33, seem to be a forgotten and lost group in the church.With all of the folklore and culture surrounding young marriage within the church (notably being “a menace to society” for being 27 and single), I sometimes feel like a second-class citizen within the church because I’m 25 and still single.I recognize that’s still on the young side (at least by non -LDS standards), but when most of my friends I made at BYU are married while I’m still single, I almost feel like a failure at times because it simply hasn’t worked out for me yet.I fiddled around with whether to perform this analysis on individual words or phrases, eventually settling on using terms of two words as the basis of the analysis. I expected to find topics such as “Heavenly Father”, “Jesus Christ”, the Book of Mormon, various forms of “singles ward” or “YSA ward”, various forms of “marriage” or “eternal companion”, and “scripture study”, so those didn’t initially catch my attention; however, those topics do contain some interesting questions that I’ll review.What was particularly interesting to me was the prevalence of terms such as “mental illness”, “hard time”, and, most of all, “feel like”.

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In the video, Elder Oaks mentions that many questions were about repentance, specifically how one should repent. Elder Ballard later mentions that there are many tough questions – questions without answers – and he jokes that the two of them will avoid those questions.

So, as a priesthood holder, how am I to “preside over my family in love and righteousness” in a meek and humble attitude, without allowing unrighteous dominion to show its ugly face in my thoughts, words, or actions?

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