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Also write to the Geographical Branch, Department of Mines and Technical Surveys, Parliament Buildings, Quebec City. Lynn Burrows, c/o Communications Group, 2630 Point Grey Rd. Bellevue Hospital, First Avenue and 27th Street, 679-5487. THE WASHINGTON HEIGHTS HEALTH CENTER — 168th Street and Broadway, provides free chest X rays as well as other services. See special section on clap in this booklet for information on VD treatment.

People give a lot more dough and the whole atmosphere sings a little. Panhandle at the rectories and nunneries on the side of every Catholic Church.

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This booklet was made sometime in the late 1960's, likely the summer of 1967. You can get enough vegetables to last your commune a week. FREE BREAD AND ROLLS — Rapaports on Second Avenue between 5th and 6th Streets will give you all the free bread and rolls you can carry. This method is a lot safer than the customary shoplifting. A&P stores clean their vegetable bins every day at A. They always throw out cartons of very good vegetables. Also recommended is picking up food in a supermarket and eating it before you leave the store.

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