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15-Oct-2017 15:09

Last week, an anti-sex work group in Germany added dozens of addresses belonging to sex workers across Germany, Belgium and Denmark to Google Maps.The map gave names and addresses of residences belonging to sex workers, in what many have condemned as a citation of violence and intimidation.“It could be read as if the abolitionists responsible for the map had been phoning sex workers (to publish private) addresses.” “I did not find any proof that they did, but I think it’s very likely.They asked people to send them addresses to a Google Mail account so they could publish them.Amnesty International, in a report last week, publicly recommended “the decriminalisation of all aspects of adult consensual sex work due to the foreseeable barriers that criminalisation creates to the realisation of the human rights of sex workers” across Europe.Johanna Weber, the founder of the Professional Association of Erotic and Sexual Services, said: “It happened because the abolitionists wanted to show that all around Germany sex workers are working, and (to them) sex work means brutality and slavery.


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We have fought a number of cases against eviction when someone’s been outed.

They wanted to show that it happens in every corner.

And so you can´t close your eyes.” Fabienne Freymadl of the same organisation said she had “a sinking feeling” when she first encountered the map.

The Christian Democratic Party (CDU) approved a sex education program that would introduce mandatory gender theory across all school topics in the state of Hessen.

Mathias von Gersdorff was one of the initiators of the demonstration.“Publishing their addresses to anyone opens them up to forced outing and violence," she said.