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The tailgate can be installed in minutes once the toolbox and tail lights are installed by bolting to the tailgate bracket.

Optional label kits are designed to fit with this tailgate: This kit includes a 32-mm (1.25-in.) solid steel drawbar, galvanized cross pin, and hitch pin kit. The drawbar kit may be used on the front or rear of the utility vehicle.

Transaxle The transaxle is fully enclosed and runs in oil for reliability. The differential design reduces scuffing of the turf during turns because the inside wheels turn slower than the outside wheels (vehicles that have a solid axle shaft must skid the inside wheel when making a turn).

Traction assist (differential lock) is built into the transaxle: The deluxe cargo box side panels and tailgate consist of a 15 percent glass-filled polypropylene composite material that eliminates rust and dents and reduces noise.

This kit includes a bracket assembly that quickly mounts to the deluxe cargo box.

It is compatible with the following vehicles: The side tool rack enables the user to maximize the use of their cargo box by carrying long-handled tools, such as trimmers, shovels, and rakes, on the outside of the box.

Upon startup, the heater's control module runs a self-diagnostic check for safety.

Product features include: The remote cargo box release kit makes opening the cargo box much easier due to limited hand clearance space between the deluxe cab and deluxe cargo box.

The deluxe cargo box easily converts to a flat bed by removing ten bolts and unplugging rear lights (if equipped) at the harness pigtail at the rear of the machine.