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20-Jan-2018 20:14

But by the 2000s, that image was, like Mc Mansion America, more associated with the vulgar and tasteless, a run-down portrait painted into further dilapidation by a reality TV show shot at the Playboy Mansion.

The magazine itself also changed: With ubiquitous free internet porn, is now more or less nudity-free.

Hugh Hefner loved his things: his silk bathrobes, his palatial mansion, his vintage cars.

But it’s still hard not to feel a little bit sorry for a man so clearly uncomfortable with himself that he built an empire on a commodified and empty casing of male sexual desire, a man who threw legendary parties to bond with other men over bikini-clad women, and who paid beautiful women to live in his house and have sex with him so he wouldn’t have to be alone.If anything, he took that existing sexual imbalance and magnified it, creating a brand that is synonymous with sexualized women being gazed at as things a man might want to acquire.

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