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24-Oct-2017 17:05

Guests flocked to the performances and later enjoyed interacting with Manje and Afu during the painting workshops for kids and adults.

Dusit Thani Maldives has reported that the guests were so engaged and fascinated by the various cultural happenings during the Call of the Sangu festival that now many of the concepts will become permanent features at the resort.

was an idol from 765 Production when she initially appeared in the Xbox 360 version of THE i [email protected] and its sequel Live for You! In the Playstation Portable game, THE i [email protected] SP: Missing Moon, she is an idol from 961 Production and is featured as a rival to 765 Production. It's been half a year since Miki's debut, and Miki is 15. Both her parents tell Miki that due to their jobs Miki doesn't have to worry about her future and can live a relaxed life, and this is one of the reasons why she is always so lazy.

Shocked, Miki rushes to the Producer's aid, not knowing what to do at all.

Miki really didn't like putting in effort until a little bit ago, but recently, Miki's been working pretty hard! Miki's father is one of the senators of Japan, and her mother is a mayor in the neighboring town.

Miki's family consists of herself, both her parents, and an older sister.

Afu said “It is simply an inspiring event for everyone including guests, artists and the resort; which strikes a perfect harmony in exposing the beauty of Maldivian art and culture”.

Another renowned Maldivian artist, Mariyam Shany Ahmed (Manje), led an illustrative exploration into the world of fantasy and mythology through live interactive painting performances.Her body trembling with fear, all she can do is cry.

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