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So come to think of it, I really give a fuck about the "psychological aspects" of being a stripper. But I digress.) Big money will probably never fund anything but mainstream pablum.That is not to say you couldn't push their boundaries and maybe get away with more than they would have initially allowed.Then unties her and as she starts to scramble for the door he strangles her to unconsciousness.Next scene she's hanging upside down with her hands tied behind her back and forced to perform oral (simulated).

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J - Next time you want to try out a Red Feline Production, try renting from our VOD store. You wouldn't invest much and you would see if you like the movie or not. After RFOC and The Inquisition, we made a big effort to do a really nice job with lighting. It is 7 years old but it would be great to see pics from it again. So Ralphus--what about some daily pics from this great classic? Great old-school sexploitation that would barely qualify as soft porn by today's standards, but with plenty of bondage, nudity, and natural bodies from the years B. Sorry, no nudity or GIMP stuff in the above link, but you do get to see Cheri shake her maracas.He however drops his knife as Brittney tried to retrieve it with her foot after he's left the room.