Mentally dating fictional character

06-Aug-2017 08:46

‘I had been in just two serious relationships – my husband was my second boyfriend – and I was very inexperienced.‘He said to me on our first date, “There’s something I have to tell you.” I said, “What is that?

” And he said, “I’m not normal.” But at the time I wasn’t alarmed because I wasn’t looking for something normal. What a gullible fool I was.’By the end of January 2012, the couple were planning a future together.

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‘He would make phone calls checking people out, telling me that in his position he had to be ultra-vigilant as a lot of people wanted him dead.’Then, the following month, he pounced, setting in train a series of measures to alienate Carolyn from her friends and family.

Have a bit of fun.” ’He took her to Cotswold Airport to ‘show her his fleet of aeroplanes’ – which he did not own.