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An owner who transfers, submits, or destroys plates is entitled to a credit for the unexpired portion of the fees and taxes paid.If vehicle is bought or sold there is no transfer of plates between the 2 different owners.Unexpired license plates can be transferred when a motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, recreational vehicle, or motor home that is currently registered in Indiana is transferred to another person as long as the vehicle from which the license plate is transferred is the same type of vehicle, and the vehicle has not been operated in Indiana for more than 31 days after the date of acquisition of the vehicle.The person that is registering the new vehicle must prove ownership by having either the manufacturer’s certificate of origin, the assigned certificate of title, or a notarized bill of sale.Tags must be returned to the DMV or recycled at the Fort Totten Transfer Station on the first Saturday of the month.The registration license plate and certificate of registration shall be issued to, and remain in the name of, the owner of the vehicle registered and may be transferred by the owner from the vehicle for which the registration license plate was issued to any vehicle which the owner may acquire within the same classification.When motor vehicle is sold or otherwise disposed of, license plate must be removed and may be transferred to a newly acquired vehicle of same class if transfer fees and other regular fees and taxes due on vehicle are paid.The owner of a vehicle shall retain the vehicle’s license plates when the owner transfers the vehicle to another person.

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The owner must then either forward the plates to the county treasurer where the vehicle is registered or have the plates assigned to another vehicle within 30 days after transfer, upon payment of the required fees.The transferor must remove plates and stickers and either forward them to the Secretary of State or have them assigned to another vehicle upon payment of fees.