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Lucky feels responsible for not meeting her at the dance, and becomes very protective of Elizabeth.

He treats her gently and patiently, becoming the main person she is able to trust after the rape.

Lucky and Elizabeth were first called a supercouple as teenagers, commonly referred to by the portmanteau "L&L" or "L&L2" on internet message boards due to their similarities to Lucky's parents Luke and Laura.

Viewers praised the recovery of Elizabeth's rape as helping other victims to heal, and the couple's innocent relationship aimed to show the option of sexual abstinence to younger viewers.

They sleep in the catacombs of Wyndamere and spend a night in a department store, similar to Luke and Laura’s adventures years before. However, their physical relationship is slow moving, with Elizabeth coping with her rape, and Lucky dealing with his fear of having similar sexually violent tendencies as his father.

in October 1998 is preceded by Lucky serenading Elizabeth with a song he wrote for her.

He can't really make that move." In the same interview, Herbst added: "I think for Liz, Lucky is her whole world right now. It started as this crush, but it has gone deeper than that." Elizabeth also helps Lucky foster a relationship with Nikolas, with the help of their friend Emily Quartermaine (then Amber Tamblyn).

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Herbst portrayed the couple with each actor, and has been the only contract actress to play Elizabeth.I'm confident the future has brilliant things in store for her!