Quick fire dating questions

11-Nov-2017 12:20

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.~~~~~85 - Which is your bottom of screen on your ordi? Picture of my family with Donald Duck at Disneyland this summer.~~~~~86 - What can we find under your bed (with share the breeding of sheep)? I have learned the most important lessons from thing that I have done, or even haven't as the case my be. Junk including my roulette and poker tables.~~~~~89 - What was your resolution on the new year?

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What I have done is some sub-editing, to remove some of questions that either (i) I have already answered in other challenges, or (ii) to which the honest answers seemed too boring to contemplate, whilst my imagination wasn't up to concocting dishonest ones."~~~~~3 - Girl or boy? I am a great lover of women (not in that sense, or at least I wish I was) as they are great creatures. (Birthplace and living town) Edinburgh for both.~~~~~5 - Size? ~~~~~13 - If you can meet one person of your choice, dead or alive, known or not, who would this be? ~~~~~30 - The novel of which you would have liked to be the author? Again as per Torr "children" except I mean my one's and not his !!! BLAST I need to use the same answer as him again "My children".Can't be bothered looking it up and have no idea what you just said. 3 brothers all doing well.~~~~~60 - Which is the job, which you dreamed to have child? Probably about 8 that I have and they all happened on the 24th of December.I used to get so excited, and then my dad banged my new bike of the hall wall and fell down the stairs when I was 9 !!!I have copied the format of Torr (even thought it is a copy right job, I am sure he won't mind). Oh yes and travel reviews by both Torr and Nicky Turnill and film reviews by SRowlands.~~~~~12 - I don't like?

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Borrowed this opening from Torr as I thought it explains things very well:"Apparently this challenge questionnaire was set in motion by someone from France, hence the eccentrically-worded questions. You can try and guess what I assumed the question was ! Brown or as we say in Scotland "Broon"..~~~~~8 - Colour of the eyes? I hate to do this again but Torr has hit the nail right on the head. People who believe that the end justifies the means. Like Nick Hornby (go read my review) and Dab Brown.Me and my family happy hopefully and others as well (charity).~~~~~73 - Where and how do you see you in 2010? 2010: Much the same although I will be married with some extra grey hair I would think.2040: Retired and enjoying life to the max ! To George Bush to get him to get Will Smith to save the planet ! I have 2 and can't have anymore so given that it was my choice to stop have them and also that I already have 2 I suppose to say 1 would be cruel so I will say 2. Connor and Megan.~~~~~79 - With which resemble you? A tribal one all over my upper right arm, chest and back.

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