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Within three minutes Renfield's skin started to develop large, round hives, then her neck and throat started to swell as a severe allergic reaction set in, followed by her eyes shooting open as the stimulants hit her bloodstream. With an irritated grumble, he switched of the klaxon. Bruddah Grove sat in the filth of the entire Site, watching his two companions float face down in the lanterns pale light. Long story short, it was yet another round of maintenance duty for him.

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Lament smirked slightly and started walking down the hallway, heading toward his extremely messy office and waiting outside the door. Oh man, I'd never pull something like that off, I'm no good with those elaborate pranks. He was scrapping dried flakes of cream from his lower back when he noticed he what he was walking in. He glanced down the hallway and saw Reject, lying in a puddle of the stuff. R.'s heart skipped a beat as he put two and two together. With the dead security guard he had been dragging along, he waved at his companion. We could try to get to the O5 bunker, but we can't make it from here. Before flipping the switch and killing everyone on-site, he took a moment to make sure it was a dead body. If it was, well…the nuke wouldn't do any good, anyways. Irritated yet strangely grateful to get some kind of wash, he lifted the rim of the bucket to find the monkey sitting on his desk.Lament opened the door to his office, seeing a single, solitary box laying there, carefully gift-wrapped and tied with a neat bow. Researcher Eisenberg seen leaving the enclosure of SCP-1006, carrying a bucket. He was going to enjoy the next few minutes, than probably regret getting involved in the first place. As Tad passed through an open door, the bucket teetering there fell forward, onto his head. He poked his head in, and saw Father Jakal stroking a small statue. After an hour or so of research, Doctor Vorenus was ready.It wasn't even close to his birthday, but there was no way any sort of bomb or other device could have made it that deep into a secure Foundation site, so he took it inside and opened it up. T-245 minutes Researcher Eisenberg enters SCP-786's secure room in Site-19 storage. Lenin can be seen on his back, and a text later identified as the entire text of "State and Revolution" in 8 pt. T 20 minutes Desk of Researcher Eisenberg [REDACTED], markedly improving the filing order. Have you even had your entire head covered, not just in horse shit, but horse shit filled with horrible ideas? Luckily, Tad passed out before something horrible crawled out of SCP-100-J. " Dr Pullo Vorenus, Level 2 Researcher and Safe item specialist, paused as he walked past Site-19's nondenominational multipurpose chapel-crematorium-ossuary. He stopped by the Safe item storage lockers, and checked out a certain item, under the guise of "additional research on the effects of the object when combined with religious exultation and ". Bright sat in the middle of the Cafeteria, the old fashioned computer set before him. After befriending SCP-168, he asked his new buddy a favor. " Reject quickly decided he'd had enough of complaining from this unknown man and dealt a swift uppercut to the jaw followed by an elbow to the nose.

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Atop said computer was a certain statue of a certain monkey, which many people had tried to obtain. The entirety of site 19, backed up, and emailed elsewhere, so if this goes as balls up as I expect it to, we can reboot." He sighed, and stood up. The calculator agreed in return for the ability to see the rest of the prank war. When the man returned, he gave Reject a questioning glance, but dismissed it. As he fell, Reject grabbed SCP-168 and the brown paper bag. He looked once more at the unconscious accountant on the ground.

Every personnel transfer, every requisition form, every security feed, all set up in little 0's and 1's on a hard drive somewhere. He proceeded similarly for Chamber 2A-2-3, -2-5, -2-7 and -2-9, and left the building with a little smile. He was too busy wetting his pants to notice SCP-050 disappear from his office, later to be found in the locker of Junior Researcher Byantara. "I'll teach him to cut the latin…wait, that's an idea.".