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For the charge of using an instrument to procure a miscarriage, he imposed a 15-year concurrent sentence.The judge also highlighted Hodges’ complete lack of remorse and refusal to admit that he was anything other than “lonely and weak-willed”, and praised the victim for having the courage to report the crimes and engage with the court process.Thank you to residents for your assistance with this important issue #besafebeseen #roadsafety #thoseinblue #visibleandvalued #Tweetmyweek Up Yrp JLv Q School parking patrols conducted at the rear of @Victoria Penarth on Stanwell Road this morning.No issues to report 👍🏻 #thoseinblue #visibleandvalued #PCSO #penarth NPT ^LDN J74s RLi7 #PCSO_Cummings reminder to all parents/guardians at @ysgolyddraig that Road Safety Posters need to be in school by 14/12/17 in time for the presentations on 21/12/17.This week we have received over 📱1,700 emergency calls and 📱5,500 non-emergency calls.If you have a quick question why not message us on this page, members of our Public Service Centre will get back to you and be able to assist you… Driving under the influence can have devastating consequences for you, your loved ones, other road users and the wider community.

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There were tight sets throughout both groups, showing how closely matched the players were, and how gripping and enjoyable the tennis was! Rmhraz1w Don't ruin your Christmas by getting caught drink driving.