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The chain is made up of more than 700 stores in 15 states in total.About half of Fred’s stores have full-service pharmacies.She yelled at my children who were at the games section looking at the toys telling them they had to go to their parents but she failed to realize I was on the isle next to them getting the cart, I didn’t leave them alone for less than a minute.I’d have a better understanding if my kids were throwing the toys or making a mess but that was not the case, my 10-year old daughter even tried explaining to her that they were just looking.

Today Fred’s serves customers with moderate or fixed incomes with stores in small and medium-sized towns across the Southeast and parts of the Midwest.I had to take it down, which was not fun and put it in a box,and fight kids about waiting to decorate their tree. When I took it back and I get to the store the first worker has no problem with me exchanging the tree.