Step 55 validating and copying link data

18-Sep-2017 15:33

Graphically, it looks like this: On-disk structures and their manipulation are handled by the on-disk storage engine.This exposes a generic key-value interface, which the layer above leverages to implement files, directories, etc.Trees can be embedded within other trees (a child tree’s root is stored within the row of a parent tree).On the disk, trees can be very large and multi-level or really compact with just a few keys and embedded in another structure.For its own implementation, the storage engine uses B trees exclusively.In fact, we utilize B trees as the single common on-disk structure to represent all information on the disk.But when you’re reimagining Windows, as we are for Windows 8, we don’t rest on past successes, and so with Windows 8 we are also introducing a newly engineered file system.Re FS, (which stands for Resilient File System), is built on the foundations of NTFS, so it maintains crucial compatibility while at the same time it has been architected and engineered for a new generation of storage technologies and scenarios.

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Of course at the application level, Re FS stored data will be accessible from clients just as NTFS data would be.A special object table indexes all such tables in the system.

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