Updating ubuntu local server or main server

04-Jun-2017 06:25

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For the purposes of this guide, everything will be done from the starting point of the user’s home directory (indicated in Linux by a tilde “~”).Approximately 10 gigabytes total of free hard drive space is required for decompressing the ISO filesystem and repackaging it at the end.With UPn P tethering you can do the same using the "Play to" functionality of Windows Media Player.In short, your Android device makes your home Twonky server visible to Windows Media Player on your friend's network. Many Media Servers have bugs and sometimes return incorrect data which can prevent them from working fully with some UPn P Software.Perhaps a confusing concept to wrap your head around at first, but it makes sense when you think about it.Copy from your system into the freshly unpacked fs. This guide is only going to cover adding and removing software, but it’s possible to customize just about anything.If you’re like me, you’ve wanted to customize an Ubuntu install DVD for a long time – but all the tools/directions for doing it are out of date and/or broken. I have successfully customized an ISO of Xubuntu 14.04 for my project Builduntu but this guide should work for just about any flavor of Ubuntu, maybe even other Linux distributions. Mint and Debian are very similar and may work with minimal changes to the commands (ie, replace apt-get with whatever package manager the particular distro uses).

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Since I am customizing a 64-bit Ubuntu image, I need multiarch (i386) support for some of the programming libraries.

The following command is not necessary for everyone, but I recommend it anyway.

You have now “logged out” of the installation environment and are “back” on the host system. Other guides stop working at this point, but have no fear!

Move the base ISO downloaded in the first step to the working directory.

From here on out, replace “ubuntu.iso” with the name of the image downloaded from the Ubuntu Release server ex.trusty-desktop-amd64You’re going to need network access from within the chroot environment to download and install updated/new packages.

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