Victrola phonograph dating

23-Jan-2018 15:47

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This category also includes other items associated with the phonograph.Jukeboxes and Records are listed in their own categories. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=phonographs&lgeo=1&mpre= However, if one were to close the container slightly, the sound would diminish.Although this is ostensibly an inconvenience of the device, in other competing phonographs, where the user is given control over the volume, the clarity of the recording is simultaneously altered.It is contained in a hard suitcase for the purpose of mobility and the protection from possible damages that would arise from being in transit.There is a handle which is semiotically associated with a brief case, and affords the ability to carry it in motion.Thus it is up to the user to decide how s/he would prefer to hear the recording.In this manner pre-recorded sound could be expressed in a multiplicity of ways, and afforded consumer preference and active involvement in the perception of the recording.

The portable Victrola is designed as a container for the playback of sound.There is a place to store the records in order to carry around many at a time. The portable Victrola has a partially predetermined volume.