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03-Jan-2018 09:38

In "Judgement Day", the rapper spits: "First there was a war on blacks, then a war on crack, now there's a war on Iraq." Could he have worked out that his government relies on an enemy to mobilise public opinion behind it, something it had missed since the end of the Cold War? When the heat is off us, you can go to the ghettos and people are living. ' Well, their attention is somewhere else." You might expect Xzibit to have been more circumspect at the awards show, but he could not resist a dig at his president.

Indeed, he achieved platinum sales in 2000 with his breakthrough album Restless, though two year's later its follow-up, Man Vs Machine, failed to match such success.For the West Coast rapper Xzibit, his parallel career as a television presenter is even more important than that.